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Seller FAQ:

1. Why do I need to pay a $10 registration fee?
The $10 registration fee covers the cost of our software, My Consignment Manager, as well as the rental fee for our facility. Additionally the fee helps pay for advertising and supplies for the sale.  Please note that this fee will NOT be refunded for any reason.  

2. What happens to my empty hangers?
Due to the nature of the sale, Tot2Tot cannot separate and be held responsible for individual hangers. If you would like to reclaim hangers you may come by the sale during seller item pick-up on Saturday; you may take the same number of hangers as you originally provided in the sale. All hangers not claimed will be considered a donation to the sale.

3. How do I pay my registration fee via Paypal?
Once registration is completed on My Consignment Manager, you will find a Paypal button. Click on the button and you will be redirected to the Paypal site. If you have a current Paypal account, sign in and you will be able to pay with the information already saved. If you are new to Paypal, you may either create an account or sign-in as a guest user. Follow the simple directions Paypal has provided.  If for some reason the link to paypal isn't working, you can simply sign into your own paypal account, click on send money, and then send $10 to katytot2tot@gmail.com.  You can also mail a check made out to Tot 2 Tot, LLC for $10 to 410 Pickford Dr. Katy, TX  77450.

4. Can I choose the charity I want my unsold items donated to?
Unfortunately, due to the large amount of items Tot2Tot will not be able to accommodate charity requests. We will donate all items to the Kingsland Kids Closet or another reputable local charity. If you have a preferred charity you are more than welcome to pick up your items after the sale and handle the drop off personally.

5. Will I receive a tax deduction for my donated items?
Yes. You will receive a report of sold and unsold items. All unsold items not picked up will be donated. Tot2Tot will mail you a donation receipt.

6. Do I need to purchase labels from My Consignment Manager?
No. Labels were paid for when Tot2Tot paid for the use of My Consignment Manager software.  You will need to print them on white CARDSTOCK (not colored paper). 

7. What printer settings should I use when printing my labels?
Labels should be printed on regular-quality printing settings. Do not use "grayscale", "quick-print" or ""high-quality" printer settings. All of these will result in barcodes that will not read appropriately.

8. When can I expect my money?
Tot2Tot will mail checks within 2 weeks of the close of the sale.

9. Why should I choose Tot2Tot over a traditional consignment store or garage sale?
Tot2Tot offers the following benefits: our goods are of higher quality than you will find in standard garage sales; we are able to provide greater control over the price of goods than a standard garage sale; we have faster turn-around and more concentrated clientele than a traditional consignment store. Finally we offer you the ability to let us work for you and provide you the opportunity to earn more money for your items.

10. Does Tot2Tot provide any of the materials required to label my items (cardstock, hangers, safety pins, etc)?
Tot2Tot does not provide any materials for individual sellers.  Occasionally we have excess hangers, be sure to follow our Facebook page for options of picking them up!  

Buyer FAQ

1. Do I have to register and pay a fee to shop the sale?
No the registration and fee is for sellers only. The only step you need to take to shop the sale is show up!!

2. Is Tot2Tot only selling baby and toddler clothes?
Tot2Tot is a children's consignment sale. We offer children's clothing in sizes newborn through high school sizes, shoes in traditional children's sizes, toys for babies and kids, and infant gear. Additionally, knowing that the littlest ones require goodies long before they make their debut in this world, we offer maternity clothing and support items.

3. What can I bring to the sale?
You can bring shopping bags, laundry baskets, totes, etc to assist in your shopping experience. 

4.  Do you allow strollers into the sale?  Do you allow children into the sale?
We strongly recommend that strollers and small children are not brought to the sale.  The sale gets very busy with shoppers hunting for good deals.  Often strollers are a hazard to other shoppers and the sale displays.  Small children are at an increased risk of injury because they are difficult to see!  

As moms (we have 10 kids between us, ranging in age from 3 to 9 years), we understand the time constraints of caring for small children. Our recommendation is to find a babysitter (we can't offer services due to insurance requirements) or perhaps trade with a friend (she shops while you watch the kids and then you switch).  If you cannot attend the sale without bringing a stroller and/or small children, rest assured we will not turn you away nor bar entrance to the sale.  But you will be required to keep ALL of your children from playing with toys and on the racks. 

5. Are prices negotiable?
Because of the high-quality of the goods offered and the consignment nature of the sale, Tot2Tot will not negotiate prices. All day Saturday is half-price hours; eligible goods marked "discount: YES" on the tag will be available for half the price listed on the sale tag.