Seller Information

 To register for a drop-off appointment - Sign into My Consignment Manager and click "Check-In."

What makes selling with Tot2Tot GREAT:
•You price it and we sell it.
•You earn 70% of the selling price (with option of earning 73% with 3 volunteer hours)
•Checks will be mailed within 2 weeks after sale.
•Donated items go to local charity

Registering as a new seller is a two-step process. Step one is registering with My Consignment Manager. Step two is payment of registration fee ($10) on this site. Items will not be accepted for sale until registration fee is paid.

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Registration will close the Wednesday before the sale at midnight. All items have to be entered by Thursday August 20th, 2015 at noon.

Seller Notes:
Some notes we thin might be helpful as you prepare for the sale!

1) Hangers should be plastic, child-sized hangers.  Please NO ADULT-SIZED HANGERS (unless larger sized kids clothes size 10-14)!  They stretch the clothes out and make it difficult for us to have a speedy check-out process.  Hangers can be purchased at local retailers/warehouse stores.  You can also ask places like Carter's  stores for hangers.  If you have child-sized wire hangers we will accept your items.

2) Labels should be printed on white cardstock. Please no standard copy paper or colored paper/cardstock. Attach labels with safety pins or a tagger.  Please do NOT use the tiny, gold safety pins!  Do NOT use clothespins to attach items to the hangers.  It makes the racks look messy and makes it difficult for theft prevention.

3) You MUST register with us prior to the sale in order to be included in the sale!  Please do NOT show up on Thursday to drop items off if you haven't registered!!  We'll have no way to track your items and you won't make any money!

Seller Tips:

We will be updating our recall page shortly.  There are many things we cannot accept.  But most importantly for reasons regarding lead, we cannot accept anything older than 7 years old.

Some things we think you should know to make the sale work for you!!

1) We will not accept more than 50 items/per gender in sizes 0-12 months (for example, 50 items in Girls 0-3 months and 50 items in boys 0-3 months) per seller (unless you sold at our first sale and already have tagged items).  This is what we've figured out from past sales to be the best effort for the money!

2) Your items, once tagged, will work at all future sales! So just keep them clean and tagged and you're ready to go!

3) Big items sell fast. If they're not gone by the Volunteer pre-sale, they're usually gone within the first shopping hour. Big items include strollers, outside toys, swings, bouncy seats, pack n plays, jogging strollers, high chairs etc.

4) Other items that sold well: books, dvds, toys (especially toys with original packaging), and games.

5) Items that did not sell as well include baby items such as a boppy, hooded towels, socks, diaper bags, blankets, cloth diapers, burp rags. Please note we will still accept these items; just be sure to price them accordingly.

6) If your items is stained or marked, we will not put it out on the sales floor.  It will held in the back.

7) Remember to price your items according to the quality of condition. Most consignment sales and stores suggest 25-50% (MAX) of the brand new purchase price as a used price. Items also sell better in sets, so if you have a t-shirt and shorts, if you price them together, you may be more likely to sell them.  Here is a good pricing guide to use.

8)  We suggest tagging no more than 200 of your BEST items.  This makes you the most money because you are picking the highest quality items to put in our sale.  We will accept more, however, everyone will be required to sign our fast check in waiver and we will not item-by-item check in your inventory.


Tot2Tot is not responsible for items that are stolen, damaged, destroyed due to fire or act of God, lost, or mistagged. There will not be any reimbursement for these items. We will do our best to protect your items from theft, damage or incorrectly tagged items, but we cannot be responsible for these incidents. You will be required to sign our Consignor Waiver at drop off. Please click here and review it prior to dropping your items off.  We will have a copy for you to sign when you drop off.

If any item is missing a tag, a volunteer will check the Lost Tag board for the tag. If the tag cannot be found and the item is to be valued at less than $5, the item will be sold by Tot 2 Tot as our own item (100% of the proceeds of the sale of that item will go to Tot 2 Tot).

All items not picked up by end of business Saturday will be given to a chosen charity. Please see the home page for the exact hour of "end of business."

We reserve the right to refuse any item that does not meet our quality standards.

We will NOT refund the seller registration fee.

Sale Policy:
All sales are final, no exchanges or refunds. Cash and major credit cards only accepted.

More pictures from our Spring 2013 and Fall 2012 sales: